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Triple Ladder Trading

The same as any other type of binary options trade, ladder trades require some research and analysis if they are to be profitable. Ladder trading is considered to be a more advanced strategy for trading, so we advise beginners to bypass this strategy and save it for use after the basics of trading have been completely mastered.

Ladder trades get their name from the way in which they are carried out. The basis for these trades is the forecast of whether the price of your selected asset is going to climb up or down, similar to climbing up or down a ladder. The triple ladder calls for three different trades with three different market entry points within a specific time frame.

While this might seem a tad complicated, the good news is that when using this strategy you are allowed to select both the expiry time frames, as well as the entry points. This type of flexibility adds to the appeal of this binary options strategy. Do keep in mind, however, that when entering the market under low risk conditions, payout rates are likely to be lower than they would be when entering into trades that require you to take on more risk.

When trading the triple ladder, the goal is to execute three profitable binary options trades. If this is going to be the outcome, detailed analysis is going to be required. You must be able to spot either an upward or downward price trend if you’re going to successfully climb or descend the ladder. Once the trend has been identified, you’ll need to enter into your three trades, one right after another, all using the same prediction of the direction of the upcoming price movement.

Why three? Because many price trends are going to remain in motion long enough for the binary options trader to fire off three trades. You might even be able to successfully profit from additional positions when using Sixty Second trades. The risk is that one or more of the trades could finish out of the money if the trend does not last. However, if the trend is strong enough, you’re likely to have triple profits going into your account.

By now you might be thinking that this strategy is simple enough for a beginner level trader. While the premise is simple enough, the truth of the matter is that only someone quite skilled with analysis is going to be able to make a determination in regard to just how long a price trend might last. Spotting a trend is easy. Predicting a time-frame for its lifespan is an entirely different matter so proceed with caution.


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