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Simple Strategies For 60 Second Trades

There simply is no denying the appeal of the 60 second trade. These trades function exactly the same as a basic binary options trade, yet they do not lock you into a lengthy expiry time. When trading with Options Broker, traders are provided with three fast moving options: 30, 60, and 120 seconds. The following are some simple strategies that novice traders can use with these lightening fast trades.

When used correctly, 60 second trades can be extremely profitable. “Correctly” is the key word in that sentence. Far too many beginner level traders are willing to just “take a chance” on these fast trades. This problem is even more prominent when trading with brokers such as Broker Options since these trades carry $5 minimums. Yes, you can sometimes win trades by guessing, but in the long run this is a terrible strategy that virtually guarantees that you’ll lose money.

One of the simplest and most effective strategies for sixty second trades is the fundamental strategy of monitoring market news and then taking action based upon what you’ve learned. Broker Options makes this easy for traders to accomplish by providing detailed market analysis reports throughout the week. In addition to this, traders have unlimited access to market news and reports online. The vast majority of this information can be accessed for free.

The goal is to simply select a specific asset, preferably one that is trending either up or down, and then trade along with the trend. When trading with Broker Options, live asset price charts are provided. These can be viewed for different time periods, going back as far as 12 hours. Well-defined upward or downward price movement can set the stage for one or more profitable trades. This allows for a fast profit turnover with no need to be locked into a position for an extended time period.

Another simple strategy would be to cash in on short spurts of market volatility. A long-term price trend is not always necessary in order to profit from 60 second binary options trades. Again, market news is going to be your guide. But instead of searching for major market movers, you’d instead be looking for announcements or reports that are likely to impact the price of an asset over a shorter time period. Such information may not provide multiple opportunities, but every winning trade is a good one!

With time and experience comes the natural ability to spot excellent fast trade opportunities. While some traders choose to trade exclusively with brief expiry times, it’s important to note that these trades are not always the best pairing for every type of market condition. Broker Options delivers several different trade types, which means that you’ll always have access to the appropriate type of trade to pair with prevailing market conditions.


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