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Should You Pay To Use the Rollover Feature?

Rollover is one of several capabilities provided by many brokers. The general function of this feature is to give traders some additional time to enable an out of the money placement to shift into the money. Many times, all that is needed for a loss to be able to turn into a win is just a little more time.

Rather than adding time to a trade position, the Rollover feature actually will instead move the trade into the first available upcoming expiry period. For this to occur, all of the trade criteria will need to be identical. Furthermore, there will need to be an open upcoming equivalent trade and expiry time if you wish to use this feature.

If you choose to use this feature, it will mean that you will need to be willing to increase your investment amount by 30%. So for instance, if your original investment amount was $200, if you decide to rollover the trade, the investment sum will now become $260. But there are no added fees or commissions involved with the use of this feature.

It is necessary that a period of 3 or more minutes remain in the expiry period for the ability to make use of this feature. An additional stipulation to this option is that the open binary options trade will need to be in an out of the money placement, which is indicated by the red color inside of the platform bar. Buttons for the Rollover feature, as well as other available features, are shown on the right hand side of each of your open binary options trades. If Rollover is not possible for any given trade, the corresponding button will not show it as being available or “live”.

What are the reasons a trader would want to choose to Rollover a trade? There are occasions when added time may permit your chosen asset a chance to perform as you anticipated. Although there are never any guarantees, Rollover gives you the chance to see if the possibility of some extra time may be advantageous.

Brokers not only offer Rollover, but many other additional features as well that can enable you to create higher earnings. While of course, basic binary options trading can be incredibly rewarding, additional features can sometimes enable you to minimize losses while securing better profits. Remember to consider these extras once you’ve acquired the fundamentals of trading.


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