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Binary Options trading is simple. All trades are done on the broker’s platform, which offers Option contracts. Profits are based on the difference between an asset’s purchase and sell prices when trading Binary Options on IQ Option. Options trading is so basic that traders don’t need to buy or sell the asset; they merely buy the Option.

Option is a contract based on asset price movement. A trader gains or loses money based on the outcome of a contract.

IQ Option offers Binary and Digital options trading. Option holder predicts asset price direction (up or down) or strike price. Traders profit if their predictions are accurate; otherwise, they lose their investment. Options can be traded on a computer or mobile phone, making them accessible anyplace with Internet.

With IQ Binary Options, the trader must predict the asset’s price movement within the deal’s timeframe. Let’s examine Binary Options trading.

This article explains the Vortex Strategy for binary options trading.

IQ Option binary options trading guide.
A trader predicts asset price movement and chooses the deal execution time while trading Binary Options. The trader profits (or loses) once the time is up. Binary options are generally connected with “all or nothing.” The short timescale makes binary trading fun and hard.

How to open a Binary options deal on IQ Option.

1. Choose Binary Options asset and expiration time
First, choose an asset from the list. The software allows forex and stock options trading. Choose based on personal desire or asset profitability. Click “Time” to set the expiration date. Shorter expiration times mean bigger payouts (as it is more risky).

IQ Option binary options trading guide.
IQ Option expirations
Depending on the broker’s availability, options expire in one minute, a week, or a month. When you click on an expiration time, a red line appears. Once it passes that line, the trade closes. The purchasing timeline (white) displays how much time is left for this contract.

Binary Options Trading Guide
Purchase and expiry dates
2. Choose investment amount
Binary Options start at $1. If the deal is profitable, your investment will be repaid with a profit. If the agreement fails, the investment is lost.

Binary Options Trading Guide
The traderoom “Amount” field 3. Choose higher or lower
After deciding on the expiration and investment, you must predict the asset’s price. Click “Higher” or “Lower” depending on your guess to open the deal. You must touch one of these buttons before “Purchase time” expires, or the white and red lines will shift to the right and the countdown will restart.

Binary Options Trading Guide
Traderoom “Up” and “Down” buttons
You must wait until the deal’s expiration date to get the result. Click “Sell” to close a running agreement before the deadline. You’ll get “Profit after sale” in this situation.

Popular due to their simplicity, binary options just require predicting the asset’s price direction. This sort of trading starts with a $1 minimum commitment. The payout percentage is known, so traders know their prospective profit. Here’s an illustration of how Binary Options are traded.

This example uses GBP/AUD. We chose a 2-minute expiry. $5 invested (using the Practice balance). For a short expiration, we use 5-second candlesticks.

Binary Options Trading Guide
Time and money invested
The market is falling, but a pullback is brewing. We click “Higher” expecting the price to rise. Now wait for results.

Binary Options Trading Guide
GBP/AUD trade
None of the candles close below the opening price. The deal concludes with a $4.10 profit and is credited to the Practice balance, where it was executed.

Binary Options Trading Guide
GBP/AUD deal
On Binary Options, if a trade finishes at the same quote as it was opened, it is considered “equal” (no loss, no profit) and the funds are repaid.

After closing a contract, you can click “New option” to start a new one.

Expected profit vs. sale profit
When a trader launches a Binary options contract, two profit values appear. These two values can differ, which is perplexing. These values mean what?

When trading Binary, you open a contract expecting the price to rise or fall by the expiration time. IQ Option allows traders to “sell” deals before expiration to cut losses or secure a profit.

Binary Options Trading Guide
Expected vs. After-sale profit
The estimated profit is the amount a trader would receive if the agreement expires. Profit after sale is the amount a trader would receive if they manually closed the contract by hitting “Sell.”

If a trader wishes to collect the profit according to the payment percentage, they must wait until expiration. As a broker-optional feature, the predicted profit rate may be reduced.

IQ Option Binary Options: Profitable?
To make money with Binary, you must learn and practice a lot. Short timeframes make options trading high-risk. It can be tough because the trader must make a price prediction in a short time and there is a considerable risk of losing the money.

Options trading, albeit simple, requires skill, expertise, and self-control. Traders must use technical and fundamental research, analyze the market, and adopt a risk strategy to avoid losses. They must be swift, cool, and assertive. Successful binary traders know there’s no secret to success besides training and researching.

Binary options provide for numerous powerful trading tactics. The mechanics may be learned in seconds. Traders who want to grow and obtain great results must take it seriously and practice continuously.


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