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Long Term Trade Strategy Options Broker

Options Broker is one of only a limited number of binary options brokers that are still offering long term trades. Why is this trade type disappearing from many platforms? One reason is because they do not offer the same thrill factor and instant gratification of shorter term trades. While we cannot argue that 60 Seconds trades are exciting, there is plenty to be said for using a long term trades in conjunction with other trade types.

What is a long term trade? These trades function just the same as the basic binary options trade, but instead make use of lengthier expiry times. When trading with Options Broker, traders have the opportunity to enter into trades that do not expire for several months. There are shorter long term options as well. One Touch trades could also be considered a long term trade, as these run for a week.

So, what is the strategy?

That would be to stagger a number of long term positions so as to evenly distribute your investment funds. A steady stream of income can be important when trading binary options and a number of longer expiry trades can help you to accomplish that. This does not imply that you should ignore the shorter term trades, quite the opposite actually. A diverse investment strategy will allow you to take advantage of a wide variety of expiry times and in doing so can help you with sound money management.

There are certain trades that will require more time for the price action to setup as you have forecast. This is an important argument for the use of longer term trades under certain market conditions. Over time, markets go up and down, but they always seems to balance themselves. If you want to profit from a price trend that is caused by market news, a shorter expiry is going to be the better option. However, if you want to profit from a more steady trend, either up or down, a long term position can be the perfect choice.

Analysis is required if you wish to profit from long term expiries, but it need not be more extensive than that which you’d perform for shorter term binary options trades. You will want to look at price movement over time, but can ignore the market news that is impacting the marketplace over the short term. Clearly, you cannot predict in advance what news might be impacting your long term at the time of closing. However, you can check the economic calendar to see if any related data releases will be published around the time of expiry.

Solid planning is what will allow you to be successful with long term trades. The execution is the same, but analysis is going to differ slightly. Balancing out your investments is wise, especially when trading binary options since all trades are bound to an expiry. By having trades complete at different times, money management can be much less problematic.


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