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About Us

TraderBinary is the world’s leading forex news website, providing investors all the required tools to become a top class forex trader. The team offers global investors an array of resources, forex brokers reviews, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, forex tools and much more.

The information on the website is available to help forex traders understand the dynamics of the markets and the global economic system. There are numerous forex articles about forex brokers and the latest news economic news at your disposal.

We strive to provide website visitors and forex investors the tools of how to trade on the forex market successfully. Forex traders may take a look at the range of forex brokers that are available on the market today. Website visitors can join our forum to discuss the latest topics affecting the markets is a big plus.

The aim of TraderBinary is to provide you with the leading forex education tools, so you can visit out leading forex portal whenever it suits you. Feel free to use all the website tools at your disposal.

Enjoy your time at and we look forward to hearing your feedback with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have regarding the website, content or graphics.

The Team