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15 Minute Trade Strategy

Of all the available expiry time periods, it is the 15 minute expiry that is most often overlooked. The reason for this may be because it does not fall into the fast trading category, nor does it fall into the lengthy expiry category. There is plenty of profit to be earned from trading with this expiry period, provided that you plan your trades out well and perform proper analysis. Above this, there are just a few things that you’ll need to know about this contract time frame.

Whenever making use of basic Put or Call digital options trades, 15 minute expiry times can be paired up with an asset price trend. Short-lived trends call for shorter expiry periods. Price reversal is yet another consideration, as reversal presents additional profit opportunities. For the 15 minute trade, you’ll want to enter the market once a price trend has been verified, but you cannot wait so long that price reversal has become highly likely. Market sentiment can sway things within 15 minutes, but major changes during such a brief time are not very likely. Even so, don’t skimp on fundamental analysis.

One Touch trades can be used in conjunction with 15 minute expiry periods. In fact, they often go quite well together. This amount of time can be lengthy enough for the asset price to touch the target price, so long as the asset price is indeed in motion. Once again, a price trend of some sort is going to provide the best outcome. The trend can be either up or down, but the asset price needs to be moving in the same direction as the target price point. No Touch 15 minute binary options trades can work well also, but should be used in conjunction with more stable asset prices.

Boundary or Range trades are going to be similar to the No Touch in that you’ll want more stable asset price movement. This means that you will want to avoid any underlying asset that is linked to strong price movement. As mentioned above, market sentiment is not likely to impact a 15 minute trade while the trade is live, but you still must factor it in beforehand. Should you anticipate for any reason that price movement is going to be substantial, choose another asset, or pair the chosen asset with a different trade type. Otherwise, be sure that the strike price and targets are far enough apart to allow for some wiggle room.

Today, 15 minute trades are not the star of the show, as shorter expiry times are extremely popular. Even so, it would not be wise to overlook this digital options contract time frame. Why? Because there will be times when fifteen minutes is exactly the amount of time needed in order for the trade to finish in the money. This expiry time may not provide the same thrills as sixty second trades, but at the end of the day, profits are what it is all about. Keep these strategies in mind for use when market conditions are suitable for neither super-short or super-long expiry times.

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